The final word

I had actually pre-written a one liner for this posting, but then I thought I should write something extra special. I thought that this would have been a tough job to post something everyday but it’s been amazing finding new things to post – there’s still so much unpublished yet which is amazing. Although Black History Month in the UK ends today I’m continuing to post for as long as possible.

In just a few days time Lewis Hamilton could possibly be the youngest and only Black man to win the Brazillian Grand Prix and then on the 4th of November – Barack Obama could be the first Black man to become President of the United States – I feel a bit sick with nerves to be honest but it’s also a feeling of elation. 

Even with all the often biased media portrayal of Black people and countless senseless murders of young Black lives there’s still hope. There are still damn near more than a handful of POSITIVE Black role models, STILL Black men and women who defy stereotypes, STILL good Black music, and yet still more and more Black babies being born who will fill the shoes of you and I and become thenublack.


So just in case you thought I’d forgotten about what came before and paved the way, I’ll leave you with my inspiration (well at least some of it)…