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Wardrobe Warriors – 21MC

I remember being in my last year at uni and having a discussion with my tutors about colour in graphic design – not CYMK but whether a designer’s race or culture had an influence on their work. I ended up getting told that I wasn’t to end up as ‘the black designer doing the black project’…Needless to say my final major project was based on Jazz, lol.

As a designer who’s a female who’s also Black I’m constantly challenging myself NOT to create designs based on my culture and automatically use red yellow and green (although I have one, I’ve changed it slightly because it bothered me, lol), or to go the “urban” route and use graffiti font. 

I’m always on the look out for dope Black designers because even though I don’t really mind what colour they are – if I see the work of one, I like it (most times, lol) and with 21MC it’s no different.

They’ve taken what’s been and brought it to a current place where it fits in but still pays homage to their culture – without using red, yellow and green or plastering a caribbean flag on their clothing. Their lookbook is unbelievably fly and I’m tempted to buy their whole collection!

thenublack salutes you…


“Live from Afro-Triangle, our purpose is to provide tropical wear garments to the urban Maroon Colonies of the 21st century. The patterns, rhythms, textures, colors of Africa and her diaspora, passed on to us by our ancestors, inform the way we create our collections and the way we wear ourselves on the streets. By combining ideas and symbols of the past with our visions of the future we illuminate the Afro-Fronteir of tomorrow.”