iamthenublack: Noir

With a laidback voice and beautiful music making skills – Noir is your new favourite emcee.

It’s no longer up there but his song ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ was so amazing, I started making the visuals for it. To date I’ve sent his link to numerous friends and when they hear his music they get that “ugly face” like when you hear good music and you have to bite your lip, squint your eyes and just nod your head.

introduce yourself

My name’s Julian Luna. I’m a musician from uptown New Orleans. I’m also a writer and photographer. Musically, I don’t ask for much, All I want is for people to listen.

what inspires you

I’m inspired by Film Noir, the French language, Jazz Musicians and Matadors. I’m obsessed with Astronomy, Dreams and Love.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Noir

My name comes from the french word for black. I’m not afraid to share the darkest corners of my soul with the world. I’m a child of the night. I can see beauty within the struggle.

who are you past/present icons and why?

The original artists behind Blue Note, Motown & Stax Records. Also Otis Redding, because he embodies Heavy soul.

Check Out Noir’s Myspace page