Being Black – Instructional Video

Yes, you read right, I have video instructions on how to be Black….according to Tracy Morgan that is! 

I had a conversation with someone about people that ‘act Black’ – like if I speak good English I somehow revoke my pass into Blackdom, or if I’m Black and I live in the suburbs (which I do, it’s my parent’s fault) then I’m less of a Black person. It made me chuckle because there’s an guy who works in a store near where I live and when you go inside it’s “yea B, what’s good b”. Would you consider that to be him “trying to act black?”…

Being Black to me is more than me walking and talking a certain way, although it seems like a commodity to some it’s something that’s I can’t get an upgrade for after 18 months, and was and IS still trying to get the full recognition it deserves.

…The guy is of Asian descent and the store he works in is one of those “urban” stores that sells cubic zirconia Jesus Pieces and airbrushed Looney Toons Timbs (I know you been in or a LEAST passed by one). Maybe he’s taking the ‘When in Rome’ thing too far…who knows, lol.



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