From brain to blog

the idea

I’m constantly stumbling across a lot of talent young black people, whether it be at events, through myspace or links friends send me, and no matter what it is that they do I’m also inspired by it.

The concept of this blog is basically to showcase and display the talent of what I’ve chosen the call thenublack collective.¬†Although there were many before who are the inspiration for many Black creatives I’ve chosen to look at what’s the culmination of that inspiration because in turn we’re the ones who will form the basis of tomorrow.

I saw a video on YouTube with Morgan Freeman and it blew me away. When asked what he thought of Black History Month he said he thought it was crazy (why only one month?) and proceeded to ask the interview when was his White History Month. One month is really not enough for any country to say “here you go, we’re giving you a month to celebrate how you contributed to our country”. That being said I’m always a bit dismayed when October comes round and nothing new is really celebrated and the same old is pushed – like no development has been made.

This is part of the reason for this blog, it’s a way for me to share what I’ve been inspired by and also a way for others to be inspired by it also.