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West Indies

[Travel] Beaches + Brownstones Part II: NYC

16th September 2014 |

Initially I was only supposed to be away for 3 weeks, but why have a 2 hour layover in JFK when I be away from home for another week? Why experience one carnival when I could experience 2? You get … Read More

Easter Screenings on The Deck: ChantiMedia hosts a weekend of Caribbean film in Nevis!

7th April 2014 |


A woman of her word, Chantal Miller is on a mission to showcase the rich stories from the Caribbean. Through her company ChantiMedia, she’s hosting a weekend of Caribbean Film at the newly renovated Gateways Beach Bar & Grill.

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[Bookmark This] Uncommon Caribbean: A visually stunning guide to ‘The Real Caribbean Less Traveled’

11th September 2013 |


I’ll hold my hands up and admit that when it comes to travelling to the Caribbean I’ve limited myself… unless we’re counting layovers of under 3 hours then Grenada is the only island I’ve stayed in for an extended … Read More

[Art + Design] The West Indian Rum Shop

1st February 2012 |

One of my favourite things about visiting Grenada are the hand painted advertisements and in particular the signs. I’d always wondered who was responsible for applying them and was lucky enough last year to witness an artist putting the finishing … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: thenublack x Grenada

6th April 2010 |

Came back from Grenada last week Thursday…apart from having the most ridiculous tan ever, it was a great trip. My cousins and I hadn’t been together since 2000 so it was a 10 year comeback – nothing had really changed … Read More

iamthenublack: Brianna McCarthy

19th October 2009 |

Introduce yourself

Hey! I’m Brianna, I’m 25 year old West Indian. I’m a self taught painter of girls.

Fav lyric from a song

Well come rock with me baby Dance with me darling Step with me sweetheart The world is watching – Gnarls Barkley … Read More