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[T-Shirt Tuesdays] The Original David Grace Jones Tribute T-Shirt

29th May 2012 |

The Queen of ‘Black Don’t Crack’, Grace Jones turned 64 a couple of weeks ago and to pay homage, DC based t-shirt company The Original David have decided to pay homage to her in their signature hand crafted style. I’ve … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: EagleRam

31st May 2011 |

Another company that I had the opportunity to meet was EagleRam. I really love the mix of bold colours with both graphic prints and detailed illustration that they use on their shirts.

EagleRam began its journey from a studio in … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: The FE Collection

5th April 2011 |

As a graphic designer/music lover I’m always extra appreciative of artists that package their brand in a visually appealing way. One of the first things that drew me to The Foreign Exchange (apart from the obvious) was the … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: Cubicles Are Inhumane

1st February 2011 |

I came up with “Cubicles are Inhumane” a few years ago after many gchats with my fellow cubicle buddies across all different industries that being in a 6×6 grey padded box isn’t always….great.

I was amazed how many people felt … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: Citizins

11th January 2011 |

The Citizins concept came from the point that Africans would do anything for American citizenship. Every design has a message, not a corny cliche  or “African” or “West Indian” design.

Citizins is about third world culture in a “1st world” … Read More

iamthenublack: Kojo Owusu-Kusi of Citizins

10th January 2011 | | One Comment

Introduce yourself

My name is Kojo Owusu-Kusi. I’m currently a lover, fighter, student and father. I’m a brother, an undergrad, sneaker freak and truth seeker. Just a normal Joe or where I’m from a normal “Kojo”. I also run T-Shirt … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: TK Classics

14th December 2010 |

This is why I love collaborations! I’m inspired by the work ethic of many people who seem to be go getters – Tasty Keish is one of them. I haven’t had the priveledge of actually meeting her but I sense … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: The Christmas Gift Edition

7th December 2010 |

I really can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! T-Shirt Tuesdays has been going for a little while now and so for this very special Christmas I’ve picked a few of my favourite tees that I think would make dope Christmas presents … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: Print Liberation

16th November 2010 | | 3 Comments

All available from Print Liberation

Read More