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[Fashion + Style] Baloji releases capsule sunglasses collection with Komono

7th September 2015 |

As a person who very rarely wears a watch (that’s what phones are for no?) I was excited and instantly fell in love when introduced to Belgian brand Komono. Creators of both timepieces and sunglasses their products are simple yet … Read More

[Fashion + Style] Aesthetic Candy: Capturing Fashion and Inspiring Imagination

6th February 2014 |

From photographs of West Indian immigrants arriving on the shores of England in the 50s to the bright delicately crafted costumes worn during carnival, style is something that the Caribbean has become synonymous for.

Aesthetic Candy a style blog dedicated … Read More

Guest Post: Ebony + Ivory

10th October 2012 |

Our obsession du jour. We just can’t seem to get enough. Not only is Ebony + Ivory a timeless and classic colour story, but it is most likely to enchant while retaining mystery. Please note that we are not talking … Read More

[Bookmark This] Esperanza Spalding launches a blog dedicated to her personal style

3rd October 2012 | | 2 Comments

I know I’m really going to enjoy visiting this site a lot in the near future. With her love of eclectic style and desire to put upcoming designers in the spotlight Ms Spalding’s style blog is definitely a … Read More

iamthenublack: Tamia Stinson of The Style Sample

7th March 2011 | | 2 Comments

Introduce yourself I’m Tamia Stinson, blogger at, Style Sample Magazine editor, and freelance graphic designer from Cincinnati, OH.

Favourite song lyric “I got my own hell to raise…” – Sleep to Dream, Fiona Apple

I’m inspired by Creative … Read More

thenublack loves Ghubar Magazine

13th October 2010 |

Through fashion, culture, and current topics, Ghubar reflects the multiculturalism era on a worldwide scale. Ghubar is not the magazine of a community, it is the meeting place of all. Such was and remains our first motivation ; reflects the world the way it really is… A non … Read More

The Smarteez

23rd June 2010 |

Holy Macaroni Batman…I’m salivating right now.

For Dazed June’s South Africa special, I spent an afternoon in downtown Johannesburg with four young designers from Soweto, a DIY fashion “crew” called the Smarteez. Kepi, Sibu. Floyd and Thabo took me to … Read More

iamthenublack: Brian Merritt of Solemates Chicago

29th March 2010 |

introduce yourself

Brian, Entrepreneur since 6th grade, I have a love for clothing, shoes, sneakers, and just looking good. I’m from North Carolina but grew up in Chicago since the Bulls were winning Championships so you can say … Read More

thenublack ♥’s: VV Vintage

10th March 2010 |

The lovely VV Brown has a vintage blog…sweeeet (she’s also part of the M&S collective).

Read More