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spec boogie

Thenublack loves ‘Pictures My Dad Took’

6th October 2010 |

I’ve said it before but Tumblr is such a great resource for finding dope visuals, and ‘Picture My Dad Took’ is no exception. If you didn’t know, Spec Boogie is also a graphic designer (which I’m sure must … Read More

Spread Love: Brooklynati comes to Favela Chic

13th May 2010 |

I’m happy to say that my ‘list of musicians I’d like to see in concert’ is decreasing. Between now and 2009 I’ve been priveleged to see a number of artists who I’d say are my ultimate favourite (Q-Tip, Eric Benet, … Read More

Weekly Roundup

23rd April 2010 |

Blogs & Bloggers:


Travelista TV


Ty’s ‘Special Kind of Fool’

Spec Boogie’s European Tour

Little Brother’s ‘Curtain Call


Tales from the Front Room

Documentary in which a host of black British names share memories of their front … Read More

Bang + Boogie

21st April 2010 |

This is probably the most music posts I’ve done in one week (of current music anyway). What with the Jonas Brothers tour being cancelled, Beyonce not releasing a single in the last 2 days and my favourite artists releasing albums … Read More

BK to UK : Spec Boogie’s European Tour

20th April 2010 |

I just ate a bag of dried fruit while reading this info so I’m more excited that a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert, lol.

The People’s Agency (run by Mahelia de Randamie, who I still have to feature … Read More

Spec Boogie: Bed Stuy

19th February 2010 |

The official video for Spec Boogie’s ‘Bed Stuy’….LOVE IT. Now please excuse me while I go and book my ticket to NY (actually half serious, lol).

Spec Boogie – Bed Stuy from Boombaye’ on Vimeo.

Read More

BLACKSummer’s Night: Spec Boogie

22nd November 2009 |

Maxwell + Melo-X + Spec Boogie = hot sh*t! If you don’t know about Spec Boogie…you will learn ( I don’t normally force my opinions or musical tastes on people but this is an emcee that you need to associate … Read More

Black Boys are the new cool – Part 1

26th October 2008 |

I’m not getting caught up in what the media or news portrays because you hear it all too often. I’m not in the habit of being a conditional supporter of Black men because even though there is some bad, I don’t … Read More