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Latest New Balance 1600 inspired by Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach

18th February 2014 |

An exciting collaboration between New Balance and Nice Kicks which are due to be released in March have been inspired by the sandy beaches of Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach.

Speaking on Grenada’s News Channel, their creator Matt Halfhill (who owns … Read More

Just Do It: Nike Senior Designer Jason Mayden

21st May 2010 |

It’s like a sneaker head’s dream come true. “When I grow up, I want to work for Nike” was probably the line Jason Mayden told his classmates when asked what he wanted to do as a dream job. Well, it … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: I ♥ Kicks

20th April 2010 |

Worldwide by Exact Science

Flytop by SUPRA

The Thrill of … Read More

It's gotta be the shoes!

9th September 2009 |

I know this has nothing to do with music but I’ve been seeing a good amount of non-music related posts that I’d like to share with you guys, so back to the usual but Music 101 will be back, don’t … Read More

Are we there yet?

30th October 2008 |

“Attention Huxtubles. There is a Block Party down on Quincy. Bring Rudy, Theo, and Denise.”

Dave Chapelle – Block Party


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