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Death of a Star

16th April 2010 |

Now I don’t usually post a lot of tragic news on here (my way of ignoring reality perhaps?) but this story really saddened me. I was giving the task at work yesterday of finding a … Read More


11th February 2010 |

“Believe me, the triumph cannot be had without the struggle.”

Wilma Rudolph

source: Omega418

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20th October 2009 |

I’m hoping the ICA will pick up on this movie for their monthly Black Filmmakers event.

Directed by Ted Woods – narrated by Ben Harper and Tariq Black Thought of The Roots. The film Whitewash features music by The Roots … Read More


28th July 2009 |

Just got back from the ICA after watching this movie and I have to say it almost moved me to tears. Now there have been stories of Black ┬ácouples having white looking children and vice versa but throw Apartheid South … Read More

[review] Babylon

13th October 2008 |

Last weekend I had a friend of mine drop into conversation with another person that I was going to be the female Spike Lee – it made me laugh. I can see it now, my version of Do The Right … Read More