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[Film Screening] UK Premiere of Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer documentary – June 18th @ The BFI

19th May 2014 |

My introduction to the world of photography and hip hop came by way of two photographers. Ernie Pannicoli and Jamel Shabazz. Their work combined the two things I was passionate about whilst at college and luckily for me (or unluckily … Read More

John Goto’s book ‘Lovers Rock’ chronicles black youth in 1970s South London

10th December 2013 |

Released by Autograph ABP, ‘Lovers Rock’ is a series of photographs taken by John Goto during a series of evening classes at Lewisham Arts Centre in the 1970s.

The striking collection of portraits gives an intimate look at the lives … Read More

[Exhibition] The British Black Panthers @ Photofusion 16-26th Otctober

16th October 2013 |

An exhibition presenting the legacy of the British Black Panther movement will be coming to Brixton in October.

Taking place at the Photofusion Gallery during Black History Month, the show will feature current portraits of Panther members and archive photographs … Read More

[Bookmark This] Uncommon Caribbean: A visually stunning guide to ‘The Real Caribbean Less Traveled’

11th September 2013 |


I’ll hold my hands up and admit that when it comes to travelling to the Caribbean I’ve limited myself… unless we’re counting layovers of under 3 hours then Grenada is the only island I’ve stayed in for an extended … Read More

[Guest Post] The Coiffure Project by Glenford Nunez

11th October 2012 |

At 24 years old Glenford Nunez has become some kind of a local celebrity in Baltimore, where he resides, and also worldwide. At his TYP Photography Studio, he shot a collection of stunning portraits of black women rocking natural … Read More

[Exhibition] CariBBeing presents: Portraits of Carnival @ MoCADA 1st – 30th September

5th September 2012 |

I had the pleasure of experiencing Labour Day carnival in Brooklyn this year (albeit missing out of the madness of partying up with my friends and fam in London). Both carnivals capture the essence and beauty of what … Read More

[Art + Design] The Night Scarf Project by Angela Dennis looks at the bedtime ritual of hair wrapping

2nd August 2012 |

The glorious night scarf, whether made from a makeshift pair of tights, a satin bonnet or a silk scarf – is an item worn by many black women across the globe (and equally contested by many of their significant others, … Read More

[Image of The Day] The Black Venus Project: Maxim Vakhovskiy captures black women from all walks of life

26th July 2012 |

Much can be said about how the black female form has been and still is portrayed in society. At times it seems to be something that many of us do not have control over but something that is dictated to … Read More

[Image of the Day] Photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg’s beautiful images of Kenyan villages at night

21st June 2012 |

photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg captures villagers in the northwest region of Kenya at night. With the use of strobe lighting and long exposure times the end result is striking.



Read More