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nina simone

[Art + Design] visual artist Miss Me pays tribute to musical legends in her ‘Jazz Saints’ series

5th September 2013 |

Montreal based artistĀ Miss MeĀ is determined not to allow her artwork to be defined by a box, and when you see her work you can see why. It’s vibrant splashes of colour bring life to a city street’s most drab concrete … Read More

iamthenublack: Niki McNeill of SingleBubblePop

30th August 2010 | | One Comment

Introduce yourself

My name is Niki McNeil and I am a designer, artist and blogger!

I’m a Carolina girl at heart but I live in Atlanta now and I love it.

I am … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesday: Pam, Nina & Grace

16th March 2010 |

by 57thirtythree

by Reckon

by InfectedUK

Read More

iamthenublack: Alexis of What The Fresh

1st March 2010 |

introduce yourself

I’m an Aries with a passion for the arts ha ha, no but seriously I’m a very shy and particular person so I tend to write a lot, writing is how I express myself. Whether … Read More

The final word

31st October 2008 |

I had actually pre-written a one liner for this posting, but then I thought I should write something extra special. I thought that this would have been a tough job to post something everyday but it’s been amazing finding new … Read More