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The Nsibidi Institute Launches ‘The Memory Project’: Capturing Personal Stories of Nigeria’s History between 1940-1980

18th September 2015 | | 2 Comments

In a bid to create content that will be used for both research, education and by the public, The Nsibidi Institute has launched an initiative entitled ‘The Memory Project’ which invites participants to record personal histories from 1940-1980 which will be … Read More

[Opportunity] UK Nigeria 100: Bringing The Creative Industries of Nigeria and Britain together

19th March 2014 |

Styled By Africa have formed an exciting partnership with UK Traid and Investment and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to bring you UK Nigeria 100 – an initiative which will partner 100 companies in the creative industries from Nigeria and … Read More

[T-Shirt Tuesdays] Dee Rosa: inspired by Nigeria’s vibrant culture

14th January 2014 |

UK street wear label Dee Rosa is the brainchild of London based designer/artist and DJ Juliet Nwekenta whose love for pattern design is clearly evident in her current collection.

 “I’ve always been fascinated by patterns in everyday surroundings, architecture, other … Read More

Get Involved: ‘A connected Africa is the Future’ – Social Media Week Lagos returns for another year!

18th November 2013 |

Continuing on from the success of their inaugural event earlier this year, Social Media Week Lagos will return in 2014 (February 17-21) under the theme ‘A Connected Africa is the Future’.

As more and more organisations look to Africa for … Read More

[Thenublk] Wale Oyejide & Olalekan Jeyifous of Ikire Jones talk collaboration, travel and their creative process

9th September 2013 |

Introduce yourselves

Wale Oyejide. I’ve fallen through a revolving door of different lives, but currently, menswear design at Ikire Jones is my focus.

Olalekan Jeyifous [aka LEk], a rather discursive Nigerian-born and Brooklyn-based artist/designer with a background in architecture. For … Read More

[T-Shirt Tuesdays] Blkkangaroo: located on the corner of Blkk heritage & pop culture

13th August 2013 | | 3 Comments

‘If found please return to the Motherland…’ I came across Blkkangaroo a few months ago and loved the simple yet bold delivery of their designs (and the models they used were dashingly handsome!) The brand which was created by Toronto-based collective … Read More

[Iamthenublack] Adamu Waziri creator of African educational kids cartoon Bino & Fino

20th May 2012 |

Introduce yourself 

My name is Adamu Waziri from Nigeria. I am an animator. I run an animation studio in Abuja called EVCL. Our focus is to create African animated content that educates, enriches and entertains. Our current … Read More

[Art + Design] Art inspired by Occupy Nigeria

24th January 2012 |

The following designs were created by digital artist David Osagie and are inspired by the Occupy Nigeria protests which are a direct result of the removal of the fuel subsidy which Nigerians feel has been made without any regard to the effect … Read More