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[Iamthenublack] Gerald Watson & DJ 2-Tone Jones of Shaolin Jazz: The 37th Chamber

13th February 2012 |



Having had the privilege of being at the Shaolin Jazz Listening Party last year which was held in Philadelphia, I thought it only necessary to feature the people behind the project (and try and see if they’d … Read More

Ear Candy of the week

9th April 2010 |

I’ve got music-itis right now, gotta purge and share some of the goodies I’ve been listening to this week. Grenada had me on a soca high, (Movado’s ‘Hope & Pray’ and Tallpree’s ‘Wickedest Jab’ were my favourites) and since I … Read More

Lupe x Enemy of the State: A Love Story

26th November 2009 |

Forget turkeys, candied yams, pumpkin pie and other reasons to stuff your face with food and miss the whole point of Thanksgiving…LUPE HAS A MIXTAPE OUT!!! Put this on your ipod while you’re waiting in line to get a ridiculous … Read More

BLACKSummer’s Night: Spec Boogie

22nd November 2009 |

Maxwell + Melo-X + Spec Boogie = hot sh*t! If you don’t know about Spec Boogie…you will learn ( I don’t normally force my opinions or musical tastes on people but this is an emcee that you need to associate … Read More

Undercrwn x DJ Jazzy Jeff

20th November 2009 |

I know there have been a plethora of MJ inspired musical offerings since his passing, some which have been a LITTLE bit hasty (not mentioning any names *cough*), but the folks at Undercrwn have made me smile. Accompanied … Read More

Got Black?

7th October 2009 |

I just spent the whole morning watching these videos and my belly hurts…funny but still quite poigniant (thanks to afronerd for putting me onto this)

note: if you’re offended by swearing turn away now:

check out Reckless Tortuga for … Read More

Music 101: Baatin

3rd September 2009 |

Remember I told you about Waajeed from PPP being at The Westbury on Sunday…it was AMAZING!!! I am known to exaggerate from time to time but I have witnesses*

Anyways, Waajeed pays homage to major music player J-Dilla and recently … Read More

This one is for the Lovers

14th February 2009 |

Although I think every day should be the day to show someone you love them (and not just a significant other, show your family and friends some love too!), I’m posting on the OFFICIAL day…. But please no roses or … Read More

Ear Candy: Che Grand

28th October 2008 |

click image to download

Read More