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lupe fiasco

currently watching: Game Changers Part I

11th February 2011 |

Love the looks on B.O.B. and Estelle’s faces when Janelle starts talking – that young lady is on another planet altogether, she speaks with such passion and it’s refreshingly beautiful. As for Lupe – he’s still one of my favourite … Read More

Behind the scenes: Janelle Monae Tightrope remix

2nd July 2010 |

Hot dayum you Janelle and the tightrope you came dancing in on….this video is dope! I’m not really too up on B.O.B but I think I might need to start listening to his music. Hearing Lu rapping reminds me how … Read More

Say Cheese!

20th May 2010 |

Just writing this quick post before I pop off to Snappy Snaps – they do still do wallet sized photos right?! Taken by photographer Terry Richardson – Pharrell and Lu look like they had some fun…kind of like when you … Read More

Lupe x Behind the scenes

9th December 2009 |

So….I’m guessing this is the last video Lupe is making before he’s off up Mt. Kilimanjaro! I have not and probably will not be going to see the Twilight sequel but this song is definitely a grower (check out the … Read More

Lupe x Enemy of the State: A Love Story

26th November 2009 |

Forget turkeys, candied yams, pumpkin pie and other reasons to stuff your face with food and miss the whole point of Thanksgiving…LUPE HAS A MIXTAPE OUT!!! Put this on your ipod while you’re waiting in line to get a ridiculous … Read More

Moutain Lu(pe)

16th November 2009 |

Mountain Dew…Mountain Lu(pe)…geddit? *cough* So Lupe and Kenna amongst other celebrities, activists and photographers alike will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in January 2010 in aid of Summit on the Summit – a fight against the global clean water crisis.

Not … Read More


16th November 2009 |

Remember those super cool HP ads with the celebs and their favourite things? Well HP have teamed up with Kenna, Lupe and Alexandra Cousteau to bring you their first “hands” commercial with 3 people in aid of Summit on the … Read More

Black Girls with Cool Hair: Musinah

24th January 2009 |

I have a strange feeling this blog is about to be renamed, lol. Another installment to chocolate hued dope haired black girls.



I stopped by a friend’s house last week and he told me he was walking home … Read More

I know you see it: Part V

4th December 2008 |

“If I’m going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all. “ Billie Holiday


source: os

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