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[art+design] The Tackover: Art inspired by Jay-Z

6th July 2011 |

Jay-Z is the appropriate figure to break my typical medium of oil paint.  After 7,633 thumbtacks, this is what materialized: a piece illustrating the idea that every line unveils a glimpse into who Jay-z is.  This collection of lines, like … Read More

Music Philosophy x Mico

22nd December 2010 |

There’s a shop that I pass on the way to work each day called The School of Life. They also display really cool posters regarding life choices that are little pick me ups. They’re always closed by the time I … Read More

we are thenublack: Fola & Fela Fagbure of Alex Folzi

13th December 2010 |

Introduce yourselves

We are Fola and Fela Fagbure aka (The Fagbure Twins). We are designers, stylist, fashion gurus, entrepreneurs and inspiring individuals. ALEX FOLZI is an elegant brand inspired by vintage looks, and the iconic design styles of … Read More

Jay-Z re:created

11th September 2009 |

What can I say about Jay-Z? I’m not even his biggest fan but have come to the realization that he’s a huge entity when it comes to the world of hip hop and I respect that. Anyways the commercial below … Read More

DIY Obama

1st May 2009 |

The one thing I loved about the lead up to the last US election was the amount of cool design and Obama inspired paraphanealia there was…some of it was REALLY bad (hot sauce, earrings the list really does go on), … Read More

Single Ladies in London

21st April 2009 |

Whether you’re a huge B fan or not this is too funny….she knows how to market herself WELL – I see you Mrs. Carter, lol.

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Swagger Like This?

10th February 2009 |

Q: How many rappers does it take to deliver a baby?

Jokes aside – performing on her due date, MIA killed it on stage yesterday with some of thenublack’s finest rappers…the Henry Rollins dress was cute too 🙂


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Lady Sings the Blues: Chrisette Michele

22nd October 2008 |

I don’t like putting musicians into boxes, but If I close my eyes for a brief moment – I can hear elements of a Jazz Legend. she’s worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Nas (check out the ‘Cant Forget About … Read More