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New Travel series ‘Second Gen’ re-connects WAH Nails founder Sharmadean Reid to her Jamaican roots

22nd September 2015 |

In the past few years a number of friends of mine have either spent an extended amount of time or returned to the countries in which their parents were born. This growing sense of wanting to experience a better quality … Read More

Clarks in Jamaica: The rudeboy shoe of choice that originated in rural England

24th January 2014 |

When it comes to fashion and iconic style, the Caribbean and in particular Jamaica can be said to be a major influence on British fashion. From sharp suits of West Indian immigrants in the 50s and also reggae and ska … Read More

[Film Screening] UK Premiere of Sudz Sutherland’s Caribbean drama ‘Home Again’ to be screened at the British Museum

22nd October 2013 |

Set in Jamaica, ‘Home Again’ centres around the lives of three young adults who find themselves deported to Jamaica after being raised in Canada, the US and the UK. The film which stars the likes of Tatyana Ali, Fefe Dobson, … Read More

[Video] Jamaica’s Film Industry speaks of the island’s lost opportunities in ‘Beyond The Lens’

27th September 2013 |

When it comes to films about Caribbean life, Jamaica has been making iconic films for decades. Surprising (or maybe not so) then that for a number of filmmakers the challenges faced when financing films and also the portrayal of Jamaicans … Read More

[Exhibition] Kehinde Wiley’s ‘World Stage Jamaica’ comes to London

22nd August 2013 |


Having captured the scene in countries such as Israel, China, Sri Lanka and Brazil, artist Kehinde Wiley’s ‘World Stage’ collection is finally coming to London! His The pieces from his latest ‘World Stage: Jamaica’ will be displayed at the … Read More

[Exhibition] Post Colonial: An Exhibition of 50 Fabulous Jamaican Stamps returns to London

5th October 2012 |


We featured Jon Daniel’s work on the site last year and are pleased to see that the exhibition is being put on again this month.

In celebration of the Black History Month UK, the world’s leading stamp … Read More

[T-Shirt Tuesdays] New Summer collection from Shimmy Shimmy

17th July 2012 |

Looks like I’m getting my Jamaican 50th Independence pre-celebrations in early with these T-Shirt Tuesdays posts, lol. Shimmy Shimmy have been doing some really cool staff since we last featured them last year. They’re back with a new limited edition … Read More

[Art & Design] Robin Clare’s ‘Jamaica Project’ explores Jamaican dancehall and party culture

11th July 2012 |

These prints remind me of the Dancehall animation Sarah Doyle created a couple of years ago. Speaking about the project, Australian artist Clare says:


“Jamaica Project explores the way in which modern Jamaica expresses itself through its dancehall and party culture. … Read More

[T-Shirt Tuesdays] RepJA’s new Summer collection

10th July 2012 |

The latest collection from RepJA is dope. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been on the lookout for Caribbean t-shirts that are well designed and RepJA definitely has that, their world play and twist on American culture … Read More