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[Image of the Day] Haitian Girl

12th January 2012 |

This limited edition piece was created by Korean artist David Choe and was sold to raise money for Yele Haiti. It’s been two years since the devastating earthquake that took the lives of many people, and although it’s not being … Read More

[currently watching] IloveJaNY

12th August 2011 |



I ♥ JaNY is a portrait of Jany Tomba, who at an early age, in the 1960s, experienced what it is like to emigrate with her family from the dictatorship in Haiti to New York.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Colour Me Bad

13th April 2010 |

Haiti Awareness by OBEY

Stars & Stripes by Phil Fung

Egyptronic by Elise Nyshiama

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To Haiti with Love

20th January 2010 |

I know I haven’t posted anything Haiti related as yet…but this second earthquake is making my heart ache. Thoughts and prayers are with all those in Haiti right now – stay strong.

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Maxwell x TRACE

1st January 2010 |

TRACE has to be one of my favourite publications, and Maxwell is one of my favourite artists (amongst other things, lol). What better way to start the news year than with a 14 minute interview?!

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I know you see it: Part I

30th November 2008 |

I found so many beautiful images while I was researching for thenublack project I thought I should share. Seven days of photos…here goes:


“For surviving thru every lie they put into us now, the world is yours and I … Read More