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Girlhood, Grime & Afrofuturism – Web series ‘Strolling’ looks at Black identity in France

21st January 2015 |

‘The Black experience’ often times denotes (depending on who’s talking about it) the idea that as people our experiences are homogenous. Whilst there are certainly shared experiences there are also vast differences which makes these experiences anything but monolithic.

The … Read More

[art+design] Wiley – Numbers in Action

27th July 2011 |

I’m venturing into the world of Grime today (I think this is the first Wiley video that I’ve featured on the blog). I’m not going to be discussing my musical tastes just yet but I will tell you how much … Read More

event: Kids of Grime exhibition @ Pure Evil Gallery

15th April 2011 |

I remember in 2001, taking photographs at an under 18s garage rave for a college project I was doing about Youth Culture in the UK vs US. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Grime music I … Read More

I know you see it: Part IV

3rd December 2008 |

“I’ll probably be doing this, probably forever; Fellas wanna stop me don’t probably come together. Its probable they’ll stop me, probably never…” Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up Look Sharp


source: MattyBoy

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