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No You Hang Up First: V-Day 2011

14th February 2011 |

Just like how December 25th isn’t Jesus’ birthday, Valentine’s Day historically has nothing to do with red roses and fluffy teddy bears (Wikipedia that). Saying that it’s been fun putting together these Valentine’s Day posts over the years. Love is a … Read More

currently watching: Game Changers Part I

11th February 2011 |

Love the looks on B.O.B. and Estelle’s faces when Janelle starts talking – that young lady is on another planet altogether, she speaks with such passion and it’s refreshingly beautiful. As for Lupe – he’s still one of my favourite … Read More

Competition : Win a Copy of ‘Flip The Script’

22nd December 2010 |

I posted about Flip The Script in September and am happy to announce that I managed to get my hands on one of the first copies of the book. I could keep it for myself as it has some great … Read More

Kingsley Davis: Flip The Script

24th September 2010 |

Airports, Marketplace, and gigs – the three places where I’m most likely to bump into people that I know. The latter is where I’m usually going to find photographer Kingsley Davis. I’ve … Read More

Soul Train Awards

10th December 2009 |

Yeah I know….a week late. Hopefully you’re in the UK and haven’t watched or have any idea what the Soul Train Awards is (let me not assume). Anyways, I caught this and thought I should post it. I’m not going … Read More

Say My Name: documentary

5th October 2009 |

Sisters, mothers, businesswomen, role models, music artists—in an industry dominated by men and noted for misogyny, the unstoppable female lyricists of Say My Name speak candidly about class, race, and gender in pursuing their passions as female MCs. From hip … Read More

Swagger Like This?

10th February 2009 |

Q: How many rappers does it take to deliver a baby?

Jokes aside – performing on her due date, MIA killed it on stage yesterday with some of thenublack’s finest rappers…the Henry Rollins dress was cute too 🙂


Read More

Black Girls with Cool Hair (Part One)

21st October 2008 |

Call me shallow but I automatically think people with cool hair are cool by default  (Don King, Mr T, Grace Jones, Angela Davis Ohmyra to name a few).

The Agytators are no exception – two beautiful black girls with the … Read More

ear candy: Black Girls with cool hair (Part 2)

20th October 2008 |

No hard feelings to the black girls with dope voices with nice hair but I had to set myself a challenge lol…enjoy (there’s more to come)

Janelle Monae

She pool jumps AND crowd surfs (let’s give Diddy a hand for … Read More