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[Film] World Premiere of steel pan documentary ‘Panomundo’ to take place in London

6th October 2014 |

“Bringing Sunshine to October” is a series of films by Keith Musaman Morton and Charysse Tia Harper that will be shown at various locations during Black History Month. Along with Panomundo, 12 Months, The Other Side of Carnival and other films will be … Read More

[Travel] Thenublack x Grenada 2011

7th February 2014 |

I’d say in the past couple of years most of my time spent away has included less relaxing and more working (hence why my hand luggage consists of a shocking amount of electrical appliances). This Summer I’d planned to document … Read More

[Exhibition] CariBBeing presents: Portraits of Carnival @ MoCADA 1st – 30th September

5th September 2012 |

I had the pleasure of experiencing Labour Day carnival in Brooklyn this year (albeit missing out of the madness of partying up with my friends and fam in London). Both carnivals capture the essence and beauty of what … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: Burden Clothing

23rd November 2010 |

From what was once the “White Man’s Burden” has arisen the greatness of an Afro-Caribbean people, who have not only impacted their own cultures but the world as a whole.

Through our great heroes, Caribbean people can stand up and … Read More

thenublack ♥s: TravelistaTV

21st April 2010 |

If you love worldwide travel, then TravelistaTV is a dope website to check out. Through a series of videos, gorgeous jet setters Teri and Andrea travel to various cities checking out each city’s culture, cuisine, what’s hot and partying hard … Read More