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Bob Marley

[Photoset] Lauryn Hill returns to London

15th April 2012 |



Let’s for a brief moment say that you’re an artist known for putting on stellar performances and everything that’s been said about you has been only positive, you might then say that last night’s performance was … Read More

[Video] Marley Q&A with director Kevin Macdonald and Ziggy Marley

20th March 2012 |


As promised the video from the Q&A that took place at the North American Premiere of the Marley documentary at SXSW with director Kevin Macdonald and Ziggy Marley (who along with Cedella were featured in the documentary).

Also … Read More

[Film Review] Marley – SXSW Premiere of Bob Marley biopic directed by Kevin Macdonald

13th March 2012 |

Growing up I wouldn’t say my parents played a lot of his music but I knew of it mostly through my uncle who’s a DJ and always knew there was something special about Reggae … Read More

[Art + Design] Vintage Bob Marley Posters

6th February 2012 |

Today marks what would have been Robert ‘Bob’ Marley’s 67th birthday. His contribution to not only music but also social issues is something that his legacy has carried on through many decades through cover versions and the work his family … Read More

iamthenublack: IlladelphsouL

4th October 2010 |

introduce yourself

Ever since I picked up a pencil and put it to paper as a little kid, I’ve been hooked with the idea of having a way to release my creative energies. A platform that allows … Read More

Bob, Bunny & Pete

1st July 2010 |

“My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.”

Bob Marley

Source: Flickering Sheriff

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Colour Me Bad

13th April 2010 |

Haiti Awareness by OBEY

Stars & Stripes by Phil Fung

Egyptronic by Elise Nyshiama

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iamthenublack: S. Kamau Mucoki

25th January 2010 |

introduce yourself

Photographer, blogger. Kenyan. Born in Cailfornia, raised in Kenya, spent entire adulthood in these United States. Currently living in New York City. In my blog AFRICA.VISUAL_MEDIA I try to find connections between Africa and the West, … Read More

RWD: Cassette inspired art

16th January 2010 |

Carrying on what seems to be my nostalgic obsession with appliances pre-CD (check out the¬†cassette tape ties which are pretty impressive), I came across these pieces of musical art while browsing through the Creative Quarterly Journal. I’m loving the Jimi … Read More