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Girlhood, Grime & Afrofuturism – Web series ‘Strolling’ looks at Black identity in France

21st January 2015 |

‘The Black experience’ often times denotes (depending on who’s talking about it) the idea that as people our experiences are homogenous. Whilst there are certainly shared experiences there are also vast differences which makes these experiences anything but monolithic.

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Guest Post: Ebony + Ivory

10th October 2012 |

Our obsession du jour. We just can’t seem to get enough. Not only is Ebony + Ivory a timeless and classic colour story, but it is most likely to enchant while retaining mystery. Please note that we are not talking … Read More

Pretty Damn Fly: Maxwell's new video

30th April 2009 |

This is Maxwell’s latest offering ‘Pretty Wings’ from his more than well overdue albumn BlackSummer’s Night. Anyways – I’ll let you watch it and enjoy…I know I will. He’s definately an inspiration for thenublack – creativity at its finest.


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thenublack: filmmakers

17th October 2008 |

I had the priveledge of attending the launch of the 9th Black Film Festival in London and it was so nice to be amongst (not only the gorgeous Idris Elba) young and old black talent – people who were veterans … Read More