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[Interview]: Cecile Emeke, creator of new film Ackee & Saltfish

25th August 2014 |

Cecile Emeke is a London creative whose work meanders through the arts. Characterised by pop culture aesthetic and street-wise intellect, her films, poetry, and illustrations explore every day experiences of culture, politics, society and identity.

Her latest film, Ackee & … Read More

[iamthenublack] Tessa G of Art Rhymes & Life

11th July 2011 |

Introduce yourself

My name is Tessa G. I’m a 2o yr old visual artist from the south-side of Chicago. I attend Illinois State University as an Arts Technology major. Art is a major part of my life. It … Read More

iamthenublack: Robert Trujillo

25th October 2010 |

Introduce yourself

Peace, my name is Robert Trujillo and I’m an artist from The Bay Area, California.  I mostly do Illustration and Murals. I am the father of a beautiful and inspiring little boy who wakes me up at 7am … Read More

Things to see: Inua Ellams – Untitled

10th October 2010 |

I caught up with the homie Mr Ellams at the Apple Store last month to make a video for Society HAE – he was speaking there about being Covent Garden’s Artist in Residence, spoken word, and his play which is … Read More

iamthenublack: Daisy Giles

3rd May 2010 |

introduce yourself

My name is Daisy Giles and I am a painter, a singer, and a poet. I love all of the arts, but I must say that painting is definitely my first love. I am of mixed heritage … Read More

Rachel Stewart x thenublack

2nd April 2010 |

Received an e-mail from jewellry designer/artist Rachel Stewart a few days ago with photos of her rocking thenublack pins….GORGEOUS!

Read More

iamthenublack: Rachel Stewart

11th December 2009 |

introduce yourself

My name is Rachel Stewart; I’m a mom, artist, homemaker, vinyl collector and jewelry designer. I’ve been painting and creating things all my life. but it was only when I got older (I’m 37) … Read More

thenublack: filmmakers

17th October 2008 |

I had the priveledge of attending the launch of the 9th Black Film Festival in London and it was so nice to be amongst (not only the gorgeous Idris Elba) young and old black talent – people who were veterans … Read More