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Barbadian Writer Amanda Haynes’ Graphic Memoir ‘Talamak’ explores mental health in the Caribbean

18th February 2015 |

Thenublk has had the pleasure of having contributors with fascinating backgrounds. One of our most recent additions to the family has been Amanda Haynes, a writer and critic from Barbados. We spoke with Amanda about her first memoir ‘Talamak’ and the … Read More

More Than XY Black Fatherhood issue: Video & iTunes app

22nd July 2014 |

Following our Twitter Chat with NU People magazine and a group of fathers and individuals sharing their experiences, we held a photoshoot at AfroNoire’s offices and invited fathers to come down to take pictures with their families.

The result of … Read More

[Guest Post] Judge a Book by its Cover

12th October 2012 |

Judge a book by its cover, is a series on our blog that features books that not only look good but are also a good read—books that we constantly re-reference and serve as inspiration. Needless to say, if there is … Read More

[Reading List] London Life Lagos Living by Bobo Omotayo

8th February 2012 | | 3 Comments


London Life, Lagos Living is an exciting new book by PR practitioner and columnist . Better known under the nom de plume ‘The Renaissance Man’, Bobo Omotayo has compiled a collection of short stories including … Read More

[Reading List] The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

2nd November 2011 |


Like hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people across the world, I’d never heard of Henrietta Lacks.  To me, she was a name on the front of a book.

To her family she was a Wife, Mother, Sister, … Read More

Liya Kebede x V Magazine

22nd April 2010 |

Tempted to go hook myself up with a brightly coloured puffa jacket from Uniqlo…either that or start slicking my hair down on my face again, lol. Memories of secondary school have just come flooding back – suprised they didn’t have … Read More

Death of a Star

16th April 2010 |

Now I don’t usually post a lot of tragic news on here (my way of ignoring reality perhaps?) but this story really saddened me. I was giving the task at work yesterday of finding a … Read More

Trey Songz x Complex

9th April 2010 |

No my page has not been hijacked – I geniunely am about to write this post. I spent the whole of my holiday in Grenada listening to tracks by Young Money, Trey Songz and the rest of ’em kids via … Read More

Snow Leopard

6th February 2010 |

“Black people dominate sports in the United States – 20 percent of the population and 90 percent of the Final Four.  We own this shit.  Basketball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, and as soon as they make a heated hockey rink … Read More