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Tam + Sam is a medley and pastiche of stylish musings from everyday life that always focuses on fresh talent, original minds, designers and creators.

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[Guest Post] Au revoir from Tam+Sam

13th October 2012 | | 3 Comments

Thanks for having us on the blog this week! It has been wonderful sharing content with thenublack readers. Keep in touch. xx

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[Guest Post] Della: LA based brand empowering Ghanian craftswomen

13th October 2012 |

Recently, (selected) Apple Stores caught the ankara fever with various sets of colorful MacBook and IPad cases by Los Angelese based-brand, DELLA.

Here are some of the reasons why we love Della: Founded by Tina Tangalakis, a former fashion … Read More

[Guest Post] Judge a Book by its Cover

12th October 2012 |

Judge a book by its cover, is a series on our blog that features books that not only look good but are also a good read—books that we constantly re-reference and serve as inspiration. Needless to say, if there is … Read More

[Guest Post] The Coiffure Project by Glenford Nunez

11th October 2012 |

At 24 years old Glenford Nunez has become some kind of a local celebrity in Baltimore, where he resides, and also worldwide. At his TYP Photography Studio, he shot a collection of stunning portraits of black women rocking natural … Read More

Guest Post: Ebony + Ivory

10th October 2012 |

Our obsession du jour. We just can’t seem to get enough. Not only is Ebony + Ivory a timeless and classic colour story, but it is most likely to enchant while retaining mystery. Please note that we are not talking … Read More

[Guest Post] Made in Brooklyn

9th October 2012 | | 2 Comments

Whenever we get a chance to escape our cities, you may find us in brilliant Brooklyn. Due to our numerous jaunts to this borough, we have amassed a list of favourable local haunts, hand-made, and delicately crafted products that we … Read More

[Guest Post] Bonjour from Tam+Sam

8th October 2012 |

To be honest, we can’t truly remember the exact details of how we first discovered Gabi’s blog, Thenublk. And was it Tam or Sam who first commented and spread the link love? Regardless, we do know that it was the … Read More