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Founder of Iamthenublack; Motion Graphic Designer and T-Shirt enthusiast, with an appreciation of good typography, well dressed men and nectarines.

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Ear Candy: The Soul Arranger

14th October 2008 |

I recall my first Live concert was 3T (Michael Jackson’s nephews…don’t hate they had great eyebrows!). Thinking back on the experience, besides leaving with the sounds of a million screaming girls in my ear I don’t remember being at a … Read More

[review] Babylon

13th October 2008 |

Last weekend I had a friend of mine drop into conversation with another person that I was going to be the female Spike Lee – it made me laugh. I can see it now, my version of Do The Right … Read More

Is This Seat Taken?

12th October 2008 |

“This stoop is my throne, this hood is my home. And the sky’s always blue by the brownstones. We in Brookyln, it ain’t no Beverly Hills – basically we pay bills, then chill.” Little Jackie – The Stoop

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rock this: Enstrumental

11th October 2008 |

  While feeding my current T-Shirt obsession, I stumbled across Enstrumental. Having collaborated with the likes of Lupe Fiasco and been given the thumbs up by Barack Obama, these guys are definately making the right moves.


“Due to one-night … Read More

iamthenublack: Cassi Gibson

10th October 2008 |

introduce yourself

I am Cassi Amanda Gibson, 20 years of age, a true vagabond. My art helps me heal my disconnection to my past and my saudades*, my unexplained homesickness to?.. I am not exactly sure where. 

My family resides … Read More

The dynamic duo

9th October 2008 |

Although I’m still relitavely young (but still nearly old enough for it to be rude to ask my age) I have a connection when I see movies/videos from an era before my birth.

I remember the first time I saw … Read More

Ear Candy: Black History Month Podcast

8th October 2008 | | 2 Comments

First podcast of the month brought to you by way of the magnificent RappersIKnow. Funnily enough the guy who runs it is a graphic designer (a dope one at that or I wouldn’t even have mentioned it, lol). 

I have … Read More

Man in the Mirror

7th October 2008 |

“You need to pick your afro daddy because it’s flat on one side, what are you waiting on? Well if you don’t pick your afro -you gonna have one side high.”

Erykah Badu – Afro

source: Keren FRead More

iamthenublack: Noir

6th October 2008 | | One Comment

With a laidback voice and beautiful music making skills – Noir is your new favourite emcee.

It’s no longer up there but his song ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ was so amazing, I started making the visuals for it. To date … Read More