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[TRAVEL] New York New York (and a little bit of Philly)

[TRAVEL] New York New York (and a little bit of Philly)

The bags under my eyes are rather large and in the past two days I’ve almost missed my stop on the train due to sleep deprivation but it was worth it!

My third and final trip across the world to one of my favourite destinations – New York City. Crown Height, Brooklyn to be specific or Little West Indies as I like to call it (um…there MUST be the most Caribbean takeaway joints per square mile there, my gahd!). Every year I go I come back saying that it was one of the best trips I’ve been on but I have to say this last trip was in there – I actually felt a little emotional coming to the airport.

As per usual I spent the first few days getting lost on the subway, trying to tone down my accent and for the most part avoiding the eye contact of every old West Indian man that referred to me by various names which I won’t include in this post.

I’d been telling people that this trip was a working holiday and that I had so much work to do (which was true). Bad planning on my part to have agreed to curate a show whilst over 5,000 miles away from the country. I took this trip as the perfect opportunity to not only re-connect with those I’d met on my last trip but also those with whom I’d only connected with via e-mail and Twitter.

The people I did meet whilst on my trip definitely made the trip not as nervewracking as it could have been travelling solo and we shared good laughs, meaningful conversation and talks of working together in the future.

I had a sizeable to-do list which got chopped and changed by the day. Vintage shopping, visits to galleries (if you have a chance to go to 1st Saturdays at Brooklyn Musuem DO IT!), spending time with extended family all managed to get crammed into my last week plus a trip to Philadelphia for the Shaolin Jazz listening party which was beyond dope. Meeting graffiti artists James Top was cool too even though everyone knew who he was and I didn’t but he made sure I knew by telling me everything he’d done in the early days of Hip Hop…I was humbled by how much he appreciated what I was doing as a young creative.

So yeah, I haven’t written EVERYTHING but if I’m realising that pictures will tell a better story and not make this seem like my final year dissertation!

Thanks to Ron ‘Diggy’ Ackins, Patrice from XHibit P, Shelley Worrell of CariBBeing, Marlon Cole of the forFATHERS project, DJ Tasty Keish and Ngozi Odita of Society HAE (and everyone else who doesn’t have a blog but hung out with me) for spreading some Brooklyn love my way!

I’ll be back next year…probably with a one way ticket 😉

                                        DEKALB MARKET

                                              FIRST SATURDAYS @ BROOKLYN MUSEUM

                                        GRAFFITI EXHIBITION @ THE NU HOTEL

                                        SHAOLIN JAZZ LISTENING PARTY, PHILADELPHIA