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thenublack ♥s Black Love Poster

I’ve been put on to so many dope blogs since the finalists list of the BWBA2010 was posted up – Black Love Poster is definitely one of them. Created by Leila of Black Girl Long Hair, Black Love Poster seeks to something as simple as Black women in loving relationships – something that often you don’t always see everyday and which everybody seems to have something to say about. Might have to retweet this to John Mayer and a bunch of dumb rappers, lol. I wish this blog had been around when I was younger….in fact I’m glad that it’s around in this day age.

About Black Love Poster

I started this site out of frustration/weariness with the media’s portrayal of black women as unlovable. I wanted to represent the side of the story that wasn’t being discussed.

And to explain the title; I remember growing up seeing the paintings of shiny, oiled down, heavily muscled black couples caught in twisted, pornographic embrace, flesh and sculpted butt cheeks everywhere. This was known as the Black Love Poster.

I often felt that these posters represented, on some level, an over-compensation for the widespread brokenness that exists in the black family. But in over-compensating, we don’t allow “black love” to just be normal — to exist among quirky kids and long time friends, church buddies and college sweethearts.

WE are Black Love Posters. We are real, living, breathing Black Love Posters. And I hope we begin to recognize and celebrate the love that exists in the everyday.

– Leila