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Happy Father’s Day

So today is Father’s Day…over the coming years I’ve come to realise what I special but yet painful day this can be. I’m blessed to come from a family where I have both biological parents who are still happily (I’m lead to believe, lol) married and have been for over 2 decades. While I’m still young *cough*, I’m learning that although I may not have gotten on with my pops for many a reason, we’re actually quite similar (I don’t think I’d be a graphic designer if he’d not been an IT guy…shoutout to Microsoft Paint too, lol).

In my circle of close friends (not including family), a friend I’ve grown up with doesn’t speak to her father for various reasons, and another has been adopted into a new family and both her father and mother and no longer in her life. I never really comprehended how important father figures were until quite recently, through discussions with family members and a friend of mine who’s father left when he was quite young – and although I’m confident in the fact that throughout his life he’s had positive male role models, his mother has had to take on the role of being both mother and father to a young man.

I’m going to be an aunty soon (woop woop), and I’m really glad that my future brother-in-law although with his busy work schedule will be flying back to the UK to attend some of my sister’s baby appointments (I know that’s not what they’re called, lol)…I hope that their son/daughter will be brought up with the most positive chilhood experience both my sister and he can provide.

Even on Trisha this week (yea…I’m really going there) she made a point that made me think, in essence she was saying that sometimes women are happy to have half hearted fathers in their kid’s lives because it’s seen as ‘the right thing to do’….even if the father is a deadbeat dad, and that’s not always right. In an ideal world two parents is great but the effect of having a father who doesn’t play an active role in a child’s life is pretty messed up.

If any of you get a chance to watch it – check out For Our Sons, it’s a beautiful documentary that hits on issues about Black Fathers and males growing up.

Phonte Coleman of Little Brother and funny man on Gordon Gartrell Radio once had a ‘Top 10 TV Dads’ countdown – his explanation being that they helped bring him up while his father was absent and his mother was at work. Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince was in the Top 10 and particularly the episode when Will’s Father Let Him Down….I don’t remember how old I was when I watched that episode but I still can’t watch it without getting misty-eyed.

I always get a little emotional when I see Barack Obama and his daughters together as I realise how integral father-daughter relationships are in a girls younger years (or as Chris Rock puts it….a father’s role in his daughter’s life is to “KEEP HER AWAY FROM THE POLE”, hug your daughters please). Lenny Kravitz and his beautiful daughter Zoe also seem to have a cool faher-daughter relationship.

I’ve blabbed all this to say that fathers are important.

If you’re a single father raising a child – Happy Father’s Day

If you’re a single mother doing both jobs of mum and dad…Happy Father’s Day

Father’s-to-be…Happy Father’s Day

Men who play active roles in young men’s lives that aren’t your blood…Happy Father’s Day

Fathers who have lost children….Happy Father’s Day

Cliff Huxtable, Uncle Phil, Oscar Proud, Flex Washington, Mufasa….Happy Father’s Day, lol.

Shoutout to the future father of my unborn children too….(POW, yeah I said it, lol) – Happy Father’s Day babe xx

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