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So thenublack featured Ayra Kip on Monday and she mentioned Art Rules Aruba, a program which herself and twin sister who are part of The Pancake Gallery Have put on. I’ve been following the progress of ARA, and it’s gone from strength to strength – getting a lot of support not only from Aruba but also gaining sponsorship from major companies such as Adidas, Ernst & Young, and Coca Cola!

With various disciplines, ARA has drafted in a great team of experts including London based Justin McKenzie and Jason ‘Motet’ Hicks of Uprock who’ll be involved in teaching successful applicants skills in Graphic Design and Djing. They’ve already selected the first 125 students….wish I was one of them, lol. I can’t wait to see the end result of the ARA program, I really love what the Pancake Gallery have done for their native country Aruba.

Thenublack salutes you!


Coming to the Island of Aruba, get ready as The Pancake Gallery Foundation kicks off its first edition of Art Rules Aruba on July 16th 2010.

Art Rules Aruba is an educational Arts Program for the Youth of Aruba that offers a 2 week intensive “summer” workshop program in 7 disciplines of the Arts including, Dance, Theatre, Poetry & Rap, Djing & Music Production, Photography & Design, Fashion and a bonus workhop in film.

Presented by an international team of artists, directors, producers, dj’s dancers and actors, Aruba’s teens will experience an international exchange of Arts with teachers coming from cities including London, Amsterdam, New York, Washington, Rotterdam, Qubec and of course homegrown Aruba!!

on July 19th classes will start with 250 kids in the age group of 14-21 getting the opportunity to participate, devided in the following disciplines, Dance, Theatre, Djing & Music production, Fashion, Poetry & Rap, Photography & Design and film.

Art Rules Aruba

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