I ♥ Music: Ty – Special Kind of Fool

I’m writing this as I play Ty’s ‘Special Kind of Fool’ for the third time – haven’t skipped a track yet either! You know when you judge the quality of an album on the single and get dissapointed?…not so with this.

I’ve been accused of being an American lover by friends before (haters,*cough*), but when it comes to fine musicianship – TY is flying the British flag pretty damn high, and not feeling the need to go all Americanized on us fellow Brits means a lot. With featured artists such as Sway, Terri Walker, Shaun Escoffrey – the homegrown feel is a sound I could get used to.

Even though I’m a download girl, I will go out and buy a physical album every now and then, and the artwork for the album is dope! Ben Wachenje created a sculpture of Ty in a Nkisi or Nkondi style. This technique was used in West Africa in the 19th Century. The sculptures were used to affirm oaths or to destroy evil forces.

So aurally and visually 10/10 from me (cue Westwood ‘drop the bomb’ sound effect, lol).

Off to give the album a 4th play and put it on the iPhone! It’s out today so go get it!