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BK to UK : Spec Boogie’s European Tour

20th April 2010 |

I just ate a bag of dried fruit while reading this info so I’m more excited that a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert, lol.

The People’s Agency (run by Mahelia de Randamie, who I still have to feature … Read More


8th April 2010 |

“Hearing that pastor Preach, Benediction was all we went for. So we could run home and play Connect 4.”

1980 – Estelle

source: Rufus Mangrove

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Blitz The Ambassador

18th November 2009 |

Received an e-mail from the lovely Amelia at Put Me On It a couple of days ago about Blitz The Ambassador, and as is my nature to dig DEEP into finding background information about music I discovered a couple of … Read More

iamthenublack: Brooklyn's Belle – Jennifer Daniel

8th October 2009 |

Introduce yourself My name is Jenn and I’m from Brooklyn, NY. By day I work in the Insurance Industry and after 5pm starts my day. I like long walks on the beach (lol)… I have been describe as a social … Read More

Grandmaster Che

19th August 2009 |

Woop woop! The new Che Grand album ‘Everything’s Good Ugly’ dropped yesterday…I suggest you go and cop it. I’ve posted one of his mixtapes on here a while ago and I’m glad to see another cool emcee’s offering in this … Read More

Spike Lee's 'Do the Right Thing' turns 20

30th June 2009 |

Yay, one of my favourite Spike Lee movies turns 20 today

Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’ turns 20 – Los Angeles Times

Radio Raheem

Mookie & Pino’s famous race rant scence

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DIY Obama

1st May 2009 |

The one thing I loved about the lead up to the last US election was the amount of cool design and Obama inspired paraphanealia there was…some of it was REALLY bad (hot sauce, earrings the list really does go on), … Read More

Ear Candy: Che Grand

28th October 2008 |

click image to download

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Is This Seat Taken?

12th October 2008 |

“This stoop is my throne, this hood is my home. And the sky’s always blue by the brownstones. We in Brookyln, it ain’t no Beverly Hills – basically we pay bills, then chill.” Little Jackie – The Stoop

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