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iamthenublack: Amede of Amede & The Soundsmith

12th February 2009 |

“Amede (AM-EDDIE) is the voice, The Soundsmith is the composer, together we are known as Amede & The Soundsmith. We just want to make good music, whether it’s short raw beats, vocal based, down-tempo, hip hop soul or whatever it sounds … Read More

Making it Happen: Alexander Rose

12th November 2008 |

So I’m on the way home and Radio 4 is on – I do listen to Radio 4 occasionally but I now think that it was for a reason that my mum left it on this station.

19 year old … Read More

iamthenublack: Inua Ellams

23rd October 2008 |


introduce yourself

My name is Inua Ellams and I am a poet, performer, graphic designer, illustrator, to tie it all together; a graphic and word artist.


fav lyric from a song

“Children of the night, only some will star … Read More

iamthenublack: Niyi Crown

15th October 2008 |

introduce yourself Niyi Crown, I’m 19 years old and I am the fashion coordinator of a London based magazine called SUPERSUPER. I am a menswear stylist and I also do a bit of modeling on the side because I love … Read More

iamthenublack: Cassi Gibson

10th October 2008 |

introduce yourself

I am Cassi Amanda Gibson, 20 years of age, a true vagabond. My art helps me heal my disconnection to my past and my saudades*, my unexplained homesickness to?.. I am not exactly sure where. 

My family resides … Read More

iamthenublack: Noir

6th October 2008 | | One Comment

With a laidback voice and beautiful music making skills – Noir is your new favourite emcee.

It’s no longer up there but his song ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ was so amazing, I started making the visuals for it. To date … Read More

iamthenublack: Gavin Dias

3rd October 2008 |

introduce yourself

My name is Gavin Dias, I am a freelance illustrator and Multimedia Designer from London. I work across magazines and publishing, but the most recent work I have done is for Nike.

fav lyric from a song … Read More