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[review] Fire in Babylon

17th June 2012 |

This weekend saw The Grenadian High Commission transformed into a screening venue for the documentary Fire in Babylon. The film documents the rise to notoriety of the West Indian Cricket team who in a 15 year span (starting in … Read More

Journey of a Student Filmmaker Part 2: The Adjustment

21st May 2012 |



I am proud to say I am officially a graduate of The University of Alabama.

It’s been a strenuous, yet gratifying four years as an undergraduate. Few individuals can attest to utilizing their time in … Read More

Journey of a Student Filmmaker Part 1: An Introduction

2nd April 2012 |

In the past two years there’s been a rise in the amount of e-mails from university students wishing to use Thenublack as a platform for getting their work shown to a wider audience. From first year students to graduates, it’s … Read More

[Re-cap] SXSW 2012: A first time for everything

19th March 2012 |

The most ironic thing about this post is the fact that for about a month I was trying to sell my ticket. I’d convinced myself that I had more important things to do, money to … Read More

Happy Nu Year

1st January 2012 |

And we’re back…. We hope you had a great 2011 and wish you an even greater more prosperous 2012. The break has been as restful as can be but our batteries are charged and we’re ready to give you your … Read More

We’ll be back after this short break…

6th November 2011 |

This time last year I attempted a social media/Internet detox. This isn’t a detox as more of an attempt to regain some sanity before the year ends. Although it’s not over 2011 has been one … Read More

[RE-CAP] The Precious Awards 2011

31st October 2011 |


October 27th saw myself and other finalists and friends gather at the decadent Renaissance Hotel for the 2011 Precious Awards. I wouldn’t be the last person to make the comment but it felt great being amongst … Read More

[INSPIRATION] An evening with Harry Belafonte

24th October 2011 |

“I spoke to Harry Belafonte on the phone and he sends his apologies but said that he’d be happy to meet any young person who wanted to speak to him after this evening’s screening of … Read More

[TRAVEL] New York New York (and a little bit of Philly)

7th October 2011 | | 2 Comments

The bags under my eyes are rather large and in the past two days I’ve almost missed my stop on the train due to sleep deprivation but it was worth it!

My third and final trip across the world to … Read More