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Founder of Iamthenublack; Motion Graphic Designer and T-Shirt enthusiast, with an appreciation of good typography, well dressed men and nectarines.

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Hi Hater…Bye Hater

2nd November 2008 |

Lewis ‘the wonderkid’ Hamilton is officially the shit (not that he wasn’t before). 





BRITAIN’S Lewis Hamilton became the world’s youngest Formula One champion when he finished fifth in a dramatic Brazilian Grand Prix today.

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The final word

31st October 2008 |

I had actually pre-written a one liner for this posting, but then I thought I should write something extra special. I thought that this would have been a tough job to post something everyday but it’s been amazing finding new … Read More

Are we there yet?

30th October 2008 |

“Attention Huxtubles. There is a Block Party down on Quincy. Bring Rudy, Theo, and Denise.”

Dave Chapelle – Block Party


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This is Now

29th October 2008 |

Funny yet poignant. All this US Election Hype is really creating a nice gloss over British Politics right now, lol.

(I still can’t believe the first commercial was 8 years ago!)

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Ear Candy: Che Grand

28th October 2008 |

click image to download

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Black Nerd Rising

27th October 2008 |

Have no fear, the new nerd chic is here – The Black Nerds Network caters for every black rimmed spectacled, gigabit loving black person who wants to get their nerd on.

I’ve been down with the hardcore nerd movement since … Read More

Black Boys are the new cool – Part 1

26th October 2008 |

I’m not getting caught up in what the media or news portrays because you hear it all too often. I’m not in the habit of being a conditional supporter of Black men because even though there is some bad, I don’t … Read More

Shake a Leg

25th October 2008 | | 2 Comments

“Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.” Alvin Ailey

source: hermosdef

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24th October 2008 |

Afros, Tees, and tight typography – my new design heaven has finally come!  What’s FroLab? “Frolab is a design collective built around the collaborative – or rather, the frolaborative mindset. We constantly seek ways to incorporate our love of design, music, art, … Read More