T-Shirt Tuesdays: Citizins

The Citizins concept came from the point that Africans would do anything for American citizenship. Every design has a message, not a corny cliche  or “African” or “West Indian” design.

Citizins is about third world culture in a “1st world” setting. Most the shirts are inspired by what I’ve been taught to feel or been forced to go through as a young African living in both London and United States. For example the “Mr. African Booty Scratcher” shirt, I just took the name-calling and flipped it around and made it a little less offensive.

I want to take Citizins around the world; I want it to be very independent and accessible. I want every shirt to spark conversations and get people to thinking on how they think bout themselves and how they see African, and the Caribbean.

Kojo Owusu-Kisi, Citizens Designer